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Purchasing a property, whether for residential or commercial purposes, is very often a serious matter given the expenses involved. If something goes awry in your contract, a dispute arises in relation to your property, or there are neighbours or associated people being a nuisance and interfering with the enjoyment of your property, you may want to seek legal advice.

Under Australian property law, you have certain rights by virtue of the ownership of your land. If you are on the Gold Coast and another structure has encroached upon your land, there is a dispute as to title, the existence of an easement, or more, Aitken Whyte Lawyers may be able to assist you. The registry documents involving property may often make it difficult for you to ascertain your rights, and we can advise as to your best options in the circumstance.

There are many other complication that can arise in relation to properties. We understand this, and as a result our lawyers at Aitken Whyte have experience over a wide range of matters, from contract law to commercial litigation, and even real estate law. Whether through assisting with conveyancing, or matter of commercial property law and civil litigation, we are able to advise and assist you according to whatever your needs may be.

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