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At Aitken Whyte Lawyers on the Gold Coast, our leasing lawyers assist a wide range of clients, both landlords and tenants, with all their retail lease and commercial lease agreement matters.

If you are looking to become a landlord or a tenant under a lease, it is important to protect your interests by first seeking legal advice. Lease agreements can determine your rights in the relationship, what you can do in the event of a dispute, as well as many other important basic terms. Covering your bases in contract law is essential in entering into leases. Before signing the agreement you should be happy with and understand the basic terms, and have put forth any additional terms you would like included. A commercial lawyer can assist with drafting the terms of your lease agreement, negotiating any additional terms, and assisting to determine your rights and obligations under the lease.

You may want to think about:

  1. The lease’s term including rent reviews and any options to renew;
  2. Any security to be provided;
  3. Any right of assignment and its terms;
  4. Outgoings; and
  5. Insurance.

Leases are business contracts that can be a long-term financial commitment and if things go wrong there are often costly consequences for you and your business. It is worthwhile at the beginning to ensure with a contract lawyer that everything in the agreement is satisfactory.

We can also assist with legal matters in relation to retail shop leases. In Queensland under the Retail Shop Leases Act there are separate laws and regulations surrounding retail shops. A retail shop lease is a lease of premises situated in a retail shopping centre, or used wholly or predominantly for the carrying on of 1 or more retail businesses. A retail business is further defined by the Act.

The different requirements and obligations for a retail shop lease make it advisable to seek legal advice to ensure you have satisfied the law. We can assist landlords in preparing a lease, enforcing the operation of a lease’s terms, the lessor disclosure statement, and negotiation. We can assist tenants in relation to disclosure statements by the lessor, draft leases, preparing your disclosure statement and the certificate of independent legal advice report.

If, however, you are a party to a lease that is not going as planned, we can also provide advice in commercial lease disputes and retail shop lease disputes. Disputes can often arise in lease agreements, and we will discuss with you your options and the best way forward to achieve an optimal outcome. We can represent you in the process towards negotiations or as litigation lawyers in commercial litigation, depending on your circumstances.

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